Saturday, July 13, 2013

Sharp Pain In Stomach Causes And Home Remedy

Sharp pain in stomach is a serious matter. When someone faces such a sharp pain in the abdomen, he or she wonders what might be causing that pain. Well, there can be some guesses. The person can make out the real cause of sharp stomach pain using some information. There are some conditions which have characteristic symptoms that help to identify that condition.

Sharp pain in stomach causes and other symptoms : 

  • Sharp pain in stomach after eating : This can be due to a stomach ulcer. The pain is stabbing, almost unbearable. It is felt in the upper abdomen and makes it difficult to eat food again. The pain usually subsides quickly but has an impact on the person. Stomach ulcers can form due to any reason, but the main cause is an organism known as H. pylori.
  • Sharp pain in stomach and back : This condition is care but requires prompt medical care. If there is fever as well, then it could possibly be pancreatitis, an inflammation of the pancreas ( the organ that produces insulin ). Pancreas inflammation is a matter of grave concern. 
  • Sharp pain in stomach at the lower right abdomen : Most people know that it is a symptoms of appendicitis. This condition affects many people once in their lives and these people generally have to go through the standard treatment for this condition - which is surgery. Appendicitis in inflammation of the appendix in the intestine. The aim of treatment is to remove it before it bursts. 
  • Gas pain and acidity : Excessive build up of gas in the intestine and acidity due to stomach acid make the gas acidic. This acidic gas causes sharp pain anywhere in the belly. This pain can be reduced by eating foods that are alkaline in nature, like pumpkin, beet greens, carrots and peppers. Eat carminative foods like asafoetida, cumin and fennel to help the body release gas easily. 
  • Sharp pain with the person drawing his or her knees to the chest. This kind of stomach ache is usually caused by intussusception, a rare condition in which a part of intestine folds into a second part. This creates a pocket and leads to intestinal narrowing. This condition is known to occur more commonly in young boys and girls. 
  • If there is vomiting and severe cramping in the abdomen, then the cause of sharp pain in stomach can be intestinal obstruction. A blockage of the intestine can be caused by numerous reasons and it is a very painful condition. 
Sharp stomach is also caused by ulceration of the large intestine, a condition known as ulcerative colitis. This inflammatory disease affects many people and there are many who are not even aware of it. This condition can lead to frequent pains in the abdomen. 

A home remedy for all sharp stomach pain is this - Lie down in the most comfortable position , drink some ginger ale or chicken broth. Ginger is very good for almost any ailment of the stomach.