Friday, July 12, 2013

Painful Urination In Men And Women : Causes

Painful Urination In Men And Women : Causes. Painful urination is a very common condition. It often occurs along with burning sensation while urination and people use the two conditions interchangeable. There are many causes of painful urination or burning sensation while passing urine. This condition most commonly affects females but can also affect males.

Painful urination causes in men and women : 

  • Urinary tract infections (UTI) are the main cause of painful urination. These infections can be caused by bacteria or fungi and can make urination a huge discomfort. An infection prompts the body to drain the bladder quickly, leading to frequent urination. The body if often dehydrated and this aggravates the painful urination. 
  • Cystitis of the bladder : In some people, the inner wall of the bladder may get scarred because of painful sharp cysts. Bladder cystitis is a painful condition. It causes sharp, tearing pain in the lower abdomen. 
  • Kidney stones are a major cause of painful urination. If a kidney stone has trickled down to the urinary passage ( ureter ), it often causes intense pain whenever the person goes to urinate. It blocks the passage of urine and scars the ureter on its way out. 
  • Prostate inflammation or any other disease of the prostate is also a major cause of painful urination in men. Many men get this painful condition in their old age. 
  • Side effects of certain medication can be pain when urinating. One should consult the doctor regarding this matter. This painful condition can be alleviated by just a substitution of a medicine for another by the doctor. 
  • An abdominal mass like that caused by chronic constipation can cause painful urination and painful defecation . 
  • Some disease can also cause painful urination as a symptom. Kidney disease like pyelonephritis can cause this condition. 
The medical term for painful urination is dysuria. In most cases, the painful urination resolves as its cause resolves. Therefore, it is better to visit a doctor and get it diagnosed. Once the cause of this condition is determined, then it becomes easy to get relief quickly. 

Diet to relieve painful urination : 
Certain foods can really help in reducing the pain and burning sensation. 
  • Drink cranberry juice. It helps to overcome UTI. 
  • Eat more yogurt and drink buttermilk. 
  • Eat citrus fruits like lime, lemon and oranges. 
  • Eat grapefruits as they are good for urinary health. 
Try to regulate temperature and humidity in inside the house as it can provide relief as well. 

Painful urination can be relieved using some home remedies.
  • Putting a warm compress on the lower abdomen provides great relief from pain of burning urination. 
  • Regular exercise in life also helps in maintaining better urinary health. 
  • Drink enough water daily. This keeps the kidneys healthy and functioning well. It also helps in frequent urination and prevents constipation.
The kidneys are a vital body organ. Painful urination can be a sign of some trouble with the kidneys. One should go for a diagnosis to make sure it is not something serious.