Saturday, July 13, 2013

Lower Right Abdominal Pain Causes In Women And Men

Lower right abdominal pain causes. Pain that persistently occurs in the right side of the abdomen , mainly in the lower region can be caused by many reasons. The visceral comprises of many organs and even a slight problem can manifest as a serious pain.

Lower Right abdominal pain causes in women and men :

  • Appendicitis : It is one of the most common causes of lower right abdominal pain. Appendix is a small pouch like organ which lies in the lower right quadrant of the stomach. If it becomes inflamed, there is sharp pain and extreme difficulty. Appendicitis is experienced by numerous men and women at least once in their lives. The treatment for appendicitis is a surgical removal of the appendix. This is to be done quickly because if the appendix inflames too much and ruptures, then it could be life threatening. If you experience a sharp pain in the lower right abdomen, somewhere towards the hips and other symptoms like fever, vomiting and constipation together or back pain, then it could most probably be appendix pain. One should immediately rush to the hospital. 
  • Gallbladder stones : A gallbladder attack can occur because of the gallstones. The pain due to this condition is usually in the center and upper right abdomen, but when it becomes severe, it can cause pain in the entire abdomen. This is also a medical emergency. 
  • Cecum Pain : This pain is felt in lower right abdomen. Cecum is the initial section of large intestine. If it gets blocked due to intestinal obstruction or infested with intestinal worms, then there is often pain. Cecum pain is usually a confined pain and doesn't radiate outside. It can also cause mild cramping and diarrhea. 
  • Kidney stones : A kidney stone can develop in any part of the urinary system. If it comes up at the right side, then there is often sharp and stabbing pain in the lower right abdomen. There can also be pain in the right side of the back and even sometimes in the groin. 
  • Constipation can be a really chornic cause of abdominal pain. Constipation is caused when the mechanism of stool formation and release is disrupted. At first it is only a discomfort but it can quickly become painful. 
  • Hemorrhoids that are internal can cause pain in the lowermost region of the right side abdomen and in the pelvic region.The pain is generally not sharp but is quite discomforting. The pain is like a dull ache and there can be blood in feces. 
  • Inflammatory diseases of the colon, like Crohn's disease and Colitis can be a major cause of lower right abdominal pain. The pain caused by these diseases depends on which region of the colon is affected. 
Lower right abdominal pain in women can have many more causes due to the differences in the organ systems of male and female bodies. 

What to do for abdominal pain ? Tips to get relief. 
  • Apply a warm moist compress to the abdomen simultaneously massaging the back in a downward motion is a remedy for relieving pain due to conditions like constipation. 
  • Avoid taking foods rich in fiber and rich in fat. Eat foods made from refined flour like pasta, macaroni etc. They are easily digested and would help in diseases like ulcerative colitis.