Friday, July 12, 2013

Lower Left Back Pain In Women And Men Causes

Lower left back pain in women and men causes. Many people suffer from lower back pain which is generally caused by excessive stress on the back due to work or exercise. But, persistent pain in the left side of lower back surely indicates some problem. There are not many reasons for lower left back pain but the body is very complicated.

Lower left back pain causes in women and men : 

  • Sciatica : If you have one sided back pain and the pain feels like a burning sensation, pins and needles or chilling sensation, then it could be sciatica. This is a common condition which affects many people. Sciatica is quite painful and is caused by pinching of the sciatic nerve in the spine. It can be relieved through massage and rest. 
  • Arthritis : In many people, arthritis starts out in the spine or the bones of the hip. This can cause left sided back pain. This can be made worse if the body has weaker blood flow to the back to prevent the deterioration of the joint which is being affected by arthritis. It usually causes a grinding pain which makes the person avoid movement .
  • Incorrect leg lengths : In some people, the lengths of the legs may be different even by a slight margin. As the person ages, this slight difference begins to cause pain in the lower back which is predominantly one sided. So, if you have lower left back pain, get the lengths of your legs checked. The treatment for this condition is usually orthotics. 
  • Slipped disc in the lower spine can cause sharp pain in the back. This pain may not alleviate in any way and increase in intensity as time passes. 
  • Kidney stone in the left side : A kidney stone anywhere in the urinary system causes excruciating pain. This pain is felt in the lower left ( or right ) sided back and the flanks going down along the lowermost abdomen. 
  • Viral infection of the nervous system or any other nerve condition, like Multiple Sclerosis and Cauda Equina syndrome. These are complicated syndromes on the nervous system which can affect anybody. General signs of these diseases are a lack of control and strength of the muscles in the lower back, hips, buttocks and pelvic region and inability to hold back urine. If there is infection, there is usually burning sensation and heat in a particular region of the body. 
  • Fibromyalgia can occur in the back and trigger points may form in the connective tissue in the back. This leads to tingling sensation and sharp pain even while walking or turning sides while sleeping. This could also be caused by repeated stress on the back for number of years. 
Lower left back pain treatment : One can visit a doctor for diagnosis and then consult a physical therpaist or chiropractor for spinal manipulation as treatment. If it is due to fibromyalgia, then trigger point therapy may work. 
Spinal manipulation is a brilliant technique which help set minor irregularities in the spine and surrounding structures. This can help with any kind of back pain.