Thursday, June 13, 2013

Upper Left Abdominal Pain Causes

Upper left abdominal pain is the pain that is felt in the upper abdomen in a region close to the lower left ribs and the upper abdomen. This region is called the left hypochondrial region. The major cause of sharp upper left abdominal pain can be the spleen.
Causes of upper left abdominal pain :

  • Spleen Enlargement : If the spleen becomes bigger in size due to any reason, then there is a risk of spleen rupture. The spleen is sensitive to infection and it can enlarge in size. If there is pain in upper left abdomen or if the pain emerges when one has taken a heavy meal, then it could be spleen pain. 
  • Pancreas Inflammation : This is a painful condition caused by inflammation of the pancreas. It causes pain in upper abdomen which can be really intense and this pain can be felt in the back region. 
  • Ulcer in the stomach causes pain in the upper left abdomen. Peptic ulcers at the lower end of esophagus or in the stomach cause pain in the upper abdomen, usually to the left side. 
  • Pleuritic chest pain : This is a common cause of pain in the chest. This is the inflammation of the thin wall that covers the lungs. When the pleura gets inflamed or torn, it causes sharp pain at that location. It usually heals on its own in a few days. 
  • Kidney disease like nephritis can cause upper abdominal and back pain. Nephritis is a dangerous condition which can happen to person of any age. 
  • Pain due to respiratory tract disease like pneumonia cause uppermost abdominal pain. There are other clear symptoms like difficulty in breathing, pain in the ribs and coughing. 
Sometimes, pain due to conditions that cause right abdominal pain can also be felt in the upper left abdomen, mainly in the epigastric region. This is the region at the center and slightly left of the region between the ribs. 
  • Gallbladder attack : A very painful condition in the gallbladder caused by bloackage of bile because of gallstones. It often causes pain under the right ribs which can spread to a large region. The pain often shoots up after eating a meal containing high fat content. 
  • Irritable Bowel Syndrome ( IBS ) : This is common condition affecting millions of people all over thw world. The condition is described in which the bowel movements of the person are not comfortable. Either the person experiences repeated diarrhea or repeated constipation or there are phases of both. There is chronic abdominal pain which is felt in the lowermost abdomen and in the upper areas of the abdomen. Repeated straining in bowel movement may lead to hernia of the stomach which can again cause more pain in the upper left abdomen. 
  • Liver pain due to liver disease or scarring of the liver often causes right abdomen and right shoulder pain. But the liver is a very large organ spanning most of the right abdomen and reaching into the region called hypochondrium. Any liver disease has the potential to cause pain in a large region of the abdomen. 
Because of the complexity of upper left abdominal causes, one should visit a doctor to find out the cause of pain and get treatment.