Friday, June 14, 2013

Upper Arm Pain Causes And Relief

Upper Arm Pain Causes And Relief. It is usually linked to shoulder problems. The upper region of the arm is also subject to pain because of lower blood circulation in the arm. Upper arm pain in the left arm can also be caused by impending heart attack. That is why upper left arm pain is a serious symptom and should not be ignored. If there are other symptoms of heart disease, like pressure and tightness in chest , then one should hurry to the hospital.

Upper arm pain causes : 

  • Inflammation of the tendons of the biceps muscle : This causes pain in the upper arm and stiffness in movement. These tendons are subject to repeated stress due to daily activities, stress or injury. 
  • Phlebitis : It is a disease which affects the veins of the limbs. If it occurs in the vein of the arm, it causes pain and burning sensation in the direction of the vein. It may appear swollen and hard. 
  • Shingles is a viral disease that causes skin rashes and pain. The rashes can occur in upper arm and cause pain, numbness and tingling sensation. 
  • Rotator cuff injuries cause shoulder pain in movement and this pain may be felt in the upper region of the arm. 
  • Muscle cramps in the biceps or triceps muscle cause aching pain and weakness. This often happens to bodybuilders who exercise to build and tone the muscles. There may be lower protein in the body than is needed or there may be dehydration. Excessive sweating, losing weight rapidly etc can cause muscle cramps. They take some time to heal. 
  • Irritated or inflamed nerves in the neck are a prominent cause of shoulder and upper arm pain. This kind of pain points that there may be some problem in the upper part of the spine. It can serve as an early warning of some serious degenerative disease of the spine. 
Upper Arm pain due to computer use : This is a major issue with people worldwide. Sitting at the computer and working for long hours can cause pain at various locations in the body. There is often pain in fingers, wrist, elbow pain due to tennis elbow, upper arm and shoulder pain. Coupled with this is back pain and neck pain, eye strain, monitor headaches and a whole plethora of symptoms. Now, out of all these problems caused by working at the computer in an incorrect pose, the upper arm pain stems from the elbow. Ideally, the elbow should  be bent at a 90 degree to 120 degrees angle and kept close to the flanks. If the elbow is stretched forward and hand is straight while moving the mouse, then it is surely going to create some problem. Secondly, curving the shoulders inwards causes shoulder pain and consequently upper arm pain. 

So, one should properly set up the work table and chair for correct posture as recommended by reputed health organisations.In this modern age, most people work on computers for significant part of the day. This leads to common conditions of back and wrist pain. 

One can really get relief from upper arm pain due to computer use by correcting the work posture. It is going to benefit a lot.