Friday, June 14, 2013

Thumb Joint Pain Causes And Treatment

Thumb Joint Pain Causes And Treatment. Thumb joint pain feels awful. It may happen occasionally to many people. The most common cause of thumb joint is arthritis. In fact, the onset of chronic, burning pain in the thumb may be the first signs of the progress of arthritis in the body. Other inflammatory conditions that affect joints may strike the thumb joint. We use our fingers a lot. That is what they are meant for. However, this excessive work day in day out can take its toll on the joints. Certain occupations and hobbies may make a person more prone to thumb pain emerging from the joint.

Occupational and other causes of thumb joint pain : 

  • Climbers and mountaineers often experience sharp pain in their fingers, including the thumb. It is just stress or injury to the joint and nearby bones caused by repetitive stress. 
  • Injury can cause severe pain in the thumb joint. In sports like cricket, the ball is heavy and it can easily injure the thumb while fielding. Sometimes ,we may not even remember the injury because even minute bumps here or other can cause pain. The thumb joint is also prone to dislocation, which causes sharp pain. 
  • Damage to the ligament of the thumb : A specific ligament in the thumb may get torn due to excessive forces. Such forces may afflict in case of a fall and in sports like skiing. This condition is known as skier's thumb and it is very painful. 
  • De Quervain syndrome : This condition affects the tendon of the thumb. There is pain in the thumb and towards the space near the thumb and wrist. It is commonly seen in mothers due to the effort that they put in daily. It can happen due to repeated use and there is no known cause of this syndrome. 
Other more specific causes of thumb joint pain are : 
  • Arthritis : There are numerous types of arthritis but all of them cause sharp, burning pain in the joint. In the later stages, there can be deformation in the joint. 
  • Gout is a form of arthritis in which there is pain in the joint along with redness and swelling. The pain often strikes at night and is awfully painful. It can lead to impaired sleep. It mostly strikes the big toe of the leg but can also affect other joints like the thumb joint.
Working at the computer often causes thumb pain, although it may not be related to joint. Typing, writing a lot, using the mouse for long hours and strained hands all contribute to weakness of the musculoskeletal system of the hand leading to pain. This sort of pain can be eliminated with regular stretching and exercise of the hand and fingers. 

How to relieve thumb joint pain ? 
If the pain is not due to arthritis, then it can be relieved with exercise. Most of use do not do thumb exercises regularly. But, these exercises help to increase the strength and flexibility of this joint. Playing thumb games increases power of the thumb and all the structures which make it up. Therefore, once the thumb joint is made stronger, there are lesser chances of pain. 
In case on injury, one would take healing medication and support devices like bracing, bandage or orthopedic gloves. 
If the pain is due to arthritis, try applying turmeric paste to the joint and take a whole lot of anti inflammatory foods. 
If the pain is due to gout, eat cherries and pineapple as they can relieve the pain of gout. These are effective herbal and home remedies for relief. If the pain does not relieve, then one would have to go for advanced treatment of arthritis.