Sunday, June 9, 2013

SI Joint Pain Relief, Treatment And Exercises

SI Joint Pain Relief, Treatment And Exercises. SI joint pain is the pain that is caused by inflammation or instability of the sacroiliac joint in the pelvis. Inflammation of this large and unique joint is called Sacroiliitis and it is the main cause of pain in this joint. Sacroiliitis is arthritis of the SI joint and creates pain in movement for the person. It poses a serious problem in movement and performing any activity. This joint pain can be relieved through exercises and physical therapy.

Sacroiliac ( SI Joint ) function : This joint connects the sacrum ( which is the lowest part of spine ) to the ilium ( the large hip bone ). SI joint is a major structural joint which unites the upper and lower body. There is a vast network of ligaments, muscles and tendons which make movements possible. Any disorder of this joint is called Sacroiliac Joint Dysfunction.

Symptoms of SI joint : Some people who experience back pain are actually suffering from SI joint pain. So, back pain is not always caused by the back. These are the well recognized symptoms of SI joint problem.

  • A dull or mild aching pain in one side of the back. The pain is rarely sharp. In case of sacroiliitis, it is sharp, burning joint pain which is typical of arthritis. 
  • The pain is usually centered in the buttock, lowermost back and inner thighs. 
  • There is pain in movement like raising the knees, climbing stairs, standing up from a sitting position, changing sides while sleeping and exercising. 
  • Women usually experience such a pain much more than men. 
A visit to the doctor can help to find out the real cause behind lower back pain. For treating this condition, people generally take medication and exercise under the guidance of a physiotherapist. 

SI joint pain : how to get relief ? Most people go for physical therapy. This is an easy and effective SI joint pain management method. One can visit a physiotherapist and learn different exercises for correcting a specific si joint dysfunction. Exercises are actually set of stretches for si joint pain relief. 
  • Stand between two closely spaced walls or rigid structure. Lean on one side with the back straight in a standing position. Raise one leg and touch the toes to the other wall at a height above your waist line. Now, rotate your heel towards the other wall and try to stretch the leg. 
  • Lower back exercise chair : This is a chair which rotates and dips to some degree in each direction. So, when you sit in such a chair, you can move your back in different directions. One can discuss such exercises with the personal trainer. 
  • Hip opener exercises are a spectrum of stretches which are used to increase the strength of muscles and motion in the pelvic region. But, not all hip opener exercises are good for si joint relief. That depends on the kind of instability or hyper mobility that a person suffers from. Some hip opener exercises may really help to relieve SI joint pain. If you are in pregnancy, get advice on the what exercises to avoid. 
SI joint pain can also be relieved with yoga poses, so one can consult an experienced yoga trainer to learn the poses that relieve SI joint pain.