Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Sciatica Pain Relief Exercises And Herbs

Sciatica Pain Relief Exercises And Herbs. Sciatica is a pain that runs down long distances in the leg. It is caused by pinching of sciatic nerve which is a very long nerve. This pain is often felt in the buttocks, lower back and down along the back of the legs , hamstring pain and calf pain. The pain is characteristic of nerve pain with numbness or tingling or pins and needles sensation. Sciatic nerve pain is really discomforting and can interfere with daily activities.

There are many things which can be tried for sciatica pain relief - exercises and herbal remedies. The main objective is to relieve any muscular tension in the painful region which might be compressing this long nerve.

Sciatica pain relief exercises : There are many exercises which may help with sciatica pain. Most of them are targeted at strengthening the buttocks, hamstring and lower back.

  • Hands to feet : This simple exercise is really good in relieving sciatic nerve pain. Lie down with straight legs, raise just the upper body and with both hands, reach for the toes. Cup the legs in your hands and maintain that stretch for some time. 
  • Knee to chest : Lie down as earlier. Now, bring your knees to chest and cup your legs with your hands. It should provide great relief from stress in the back. Raise your hips from the surface and keep  curving the body. It will stretch the lowermost backbone vertebrae. 
  • Stand up and put the body weight on the ball of foot, as women generally do when wearing high heel. Do leg lifts in this position. The extension of Achilles tendon will stimulate both the calf muscle and the hamstring muscle at the back of leg. 
  • Piriformis muscle stretch : The piriformis muscle may compress the sciatic nerve as it passes through the buttocks. A simple stretch can relieve the compressive force which piriformis muscle may be exerting on the sciatic nerve. Lie down on a flat bed. Bend both legs at the knee and bring one leg over the other leg's knee. Now, use the hands to hold both legs and bring them closer to the body. 
  • If you can run without pain, then running would be a great exercise to release a pinched sciatic nerve. 
Some of the more powerful stretches are found in Yoga. They are risky but if one trains under a yoga trainer, then these stretches can really help with sciatica pain. 
  • SUPTA PADANGUSTHASANA : This is a Yoga Asana which is actually the Reclining Big Toe Pose. All you have to do is to hold the toes with fingers while keeping the knees straight. This stretch can be done in standing or lying down position.
  • AGNISTAMBHASANA : This is famously known as Fire Log Pose. It is slightly complicated. One can get detail about doing this yoga asana properly on the web. It is a wonderful exercise and can relieve the condition which may be causing the sharp sciatica pain. 
Sciatica Pain Relief Treatment with herbs : Certain herbs when applied topically can heal the structures within and eliminate pinching of sciatic nerve. 
  • Two of the best herbs for sciatic nerve pain relief are Jamaican Dogwood and Turmeric. The latter one is applied topically as a cream while Jamaican Dogwood can be taken as a tea. However, Jamaican Dogwood can be toxic and also interfere with other medicine. So, one should consult the doctor and a recognized herbal practitioner on the dosage and time to take this herb.