Friday, June 14, 2013

Right Shoulder Pain Causes

Right shoulder pain can be caused by many reasons. Most of them are caused by the shoulder and as such are shoulder specific. If you are having pain in the right shoulder only, then one should try to investigate habits  and sleeping posture. Most of us use a particular hand more than the other, particularly for writing. That is what we mean by being "right handed". In that case, it is possible for pain to occur only in the right shoulder. Some sports that make extensive use of hands and the shoulder bears large forces are cricket, hockey, polo, tennis etc. Sportsperson involved in these games can experience pain in the right shoulder ( or for that matter left shoulder ) due to the nature of work involved.

Other causes of right shoulder pain : 

  • Muscle weakness and strain : The major cause of most shoulder pain is weakness in the muscles surrounding the shoulder. There are more than tens of muscle groups at the back, front and side of the shoulder. Any exertion during weakness may cause strain or even tear in the muscles. This kind of muscles strain may cause pain only in particular kind of motion, like throwing a ball or lifting an object with the hand straight. One should the full range of motion of shoulder and notice in what kind of movement the pain occurs. This really helps the doctor in quick and accurate diagnosis. One of the major muscle cause of shoulder pain is Rotator cuff tear
  • Frozen shoulder : If you are feeling a sense of restriction in movement of the shoulder in most directions of motion, then it could be a case of frozen shoulder. This condition heals on its own in a few weeks. But, when it is strong, the person may have less of pain and more of restriction in shoulder. It may be tough to initiate movement as though the upper arm and shoulder have become frozen. Exercises may help in relieving this condition quicker. 
  • Shoulder Impingement : It is a condition in which there is pain in moving the arm above the shoulder. So, it can happen to swimmers, bowlers ( in cricket ) and people that need to rotate their arm a lot. It can also be the cause of shoulder pain at night. 
  • Bursitis : It is an inflammation of the fluid in the shoulder joint. This may not be visible as a swelling on the surface. Bursitis causes sharp pain on moving the shoulder in some directions. If the inflammation rises, there can be continuous pain in the shoulder.
There are some organ related causes in which there is pain only in the right shoulder. It is referred pain, one that is felt away from the cause of pain. 
  • Liver disease like hepatitis, cirrhosis or abscess formation in the liver can cause pain in the right shoulder, generally at the back of shoulder near the blade. The pain may vary with changes in posture. Acute hepatitis can be quite painful and is a serious condition. 
  • Gallbladder pain due to stones or inflammation can also cause pain in the right shoulder.