Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Lower Right Back Pain Causes

Lower right back pain may not always have its cause in the back or spine. In fact, a major cause of lower right back pain is SI joint dysfunction. This joint is located in the pelvic region and so it lies in the buttocks. There are many causes of one sided lower back pain besides spine health problems like herniated disc or arthritis. 

Lower right back pain causes : 

  • Colitis : This condition causes inflammation of the colon and recurring pain. In ulcerative colitis, a large part of the colon may get affected leading to pain. This pain often radiates to the back at the right side. There is burning sensation and bloody stools may be seen. 
  • Pain due to muscle strain is quite common cause of lower right back pain. When we lift heavy objects or play games like rugby, the muscles in the back may overstretch and develop micro tears. These cause pain for some time until the body heals them. 
  • Constipation can also cause lower right back pain. The hardening of stool and straining while defecation causes pain and discomfort. Some diseases may create an abnormal feeling that bowel movement may relieve the pain. This can make the person go for bowel movement repeatedly and cause pain. 
  • Abnormal curvature of the lower back due to poor posture. A condition known as lumbar lordosis can cause pain in the lower back. 
  • Scoliosis is a condition in which the spine acquires an S shaped curvature. This can cause pain in one side of the back, even in the lower region. This condition is not normally painful but it can be really stressful for the sufferer. 
  • Kidney infection in the right side kidney can cause middle abdomen pain which can also be felt in the lower right back. Kidney stones also cause a pain that is felt in the lower abdomen, lower back and near the top of the hips. 
  • Appendix pain is a severe pain that is felt in lower right abdomen and can also be felt in the lower right back. 
  • In women, pain in lower right ( or left ) back and pelvic pain are quite common. The cause of such pain varies from women to women. In pregnant women, sharp pain may signal a complication. 
  • Sciatic nerve pain is also a common cause of pain in lower back and buttock in one side. 
Look for other symptoms that may signal a potentially dangerous problem. Kidney infections or kidney disease may present with few symptoms and sometimes one may feel a mild ache in the middle back. 

Lower right back pain relief : One should visit a doctor. If spine problems are suspected, he or she may refer you for an x-ray which would reveal any bone deformation or fracture. 
One can visit a physical therapist to get relief from muscle induced pain in lower right back. If you have been doing tough physical activity in sports like wall climbing etc, then stop them for some time until your back recovers. 
Sit on a cushion to prevent strain on the hip bones from causing pain in the back. Sometimes, when we sit on hard surfaces putting weight on one side, there can be pain on that side of back.