Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Lower Leg Pain Causes And Relief

Lower Leg Pain Causes And Relief. Lower leg pain can be reduced with home remedies for most causes. One can reduce the pain in the lower extremities of the leg if the cause for the pain can be found out. The most common causes of pain in legs are shin splits and calf muscle strain. Both of them are often caused by too much exertion, like running for long distances or running uphill or downhill.

Lower leg pain causes and symptoms. 

  • Shin splints : Pain at the front of the lower leg to the side of the front bone. Shin splints are painful conditions. The pain is quite sharp and easily prevents the person from continuing his or her running or sports. 
  • Calf muscle strain : The calf muscle is the major muscle at the back of the lower leg. This muscle may get strained or pulled due to over strain. Calf muscle strain can be relieved with rest. 
  • Sciatic nerve pain : This pain which travels from the lower back may reach the back of lower leg as well. Pinched sciatic nerve in back leads to pain, burning sensation and numbness. 
  • Peripheral Arterial Disease (PAD) : This disease causes aching or cramping pain in the lower legs. The legs feel heavier and harder to move. There can be weakness in the lower leg and sometimes inability to bear body weight. In this disease, blood flow to the lower leg reduces because of narrowing of arteries. When the tissues of muscles, tendons and flesh do not get enough blood and oxygen, they start to decay and this leads to pain. This is common in people who are in later middle age. It can be relieved by rest and improving the diet. 
  • Varicose Veins : These are the veins below the skin which can become enlarged and take up curved shapes. This is common the leg. These veins look prominent on the surface of the skin. Varicose veins cause pain on standing. This feels like aching pain and can make activities like running even more painful. 
In severe cases, over exertion of the legs can lead to hairline fracture in the lower leg bones. The pain is sharp and grows in intensity. Another cause of lower leg pain is pain stemming from an injury to the ankle. If you have injured your ankle, chances are that the pain may be felt in lowermost leg. Inflammation of the large tendon at the back of the leg (Achilles Tendon ) also causes pain at the lower region of the lower leg.

How to relieve lower leg pain ? 
A strategy to relieve lower leg pain is to increase blood flow to this region even while at rest. One can improve blood flow by altering the diet and taking these things. 
  • Ginger is excellent in increasing blood flow. It also thins the blood. As a result, lower leg tissues receive ample blood and healing process accelerates, providing relief from pain. 
  • Applying turmeric paste prevents inflammation and speeds up healing. 
  • Massage can relieve muscular and nerve related tension in the lower leg.