Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Lower Back Pain Treatment Options

Lower back pain treatment options. There are some treatment methods for the lower back pain that grips millions of people in the world. If the back pain is due to an actual cause in the body, like herniated disc, arthritis, abnormal curvature of spine or any serious disease, then treatment procedure is defined. But, many people who suffer from lower back pain do not have any such reason for pain. It is just chronic pain due to reasons like stiffness or overexertion. There are many things that can be done to reduce pain and treat the problem at home or using alternative medicine.

Lower back pain treatment options : 

  • Acupuncture : This ancient healing system can help people who suffer from chronic lower back pain. There are many centers in different locations of the world and one can visit such a center to get treatment. 
  • Acupressure : This is a technique similar to acupuncture. Various instruments that have pointed ends are used to stimulate certain points in the body. Acupressure may work for many people to provide temporary or even permanent relief from chronic back pain. 
  • Eating grapes at home : This is a simple technique that can reduce the sensation of pain in the back, though not vanish it completely. Grapes can improve blood low to the back and spine and thus speed up healing process. As the body's tissues heal, the pain may subside. 
  • Spinal Manipulation : This technique is being practiced in many parts of the world. Spinal manipulation involves changes to the backbone vertebral joints by hand and thus providing relief. Even minor deformations and instability can be corrected by this therapy. 
  • A simple massage : Most of the people who experience low back pain know the efficacy of massage in relieving the pain for short duration. If the pain you are having is creating much trouble, one can as well go and get a massage. 
  • Traditional Ayurvedic massage is a practice that emerges from Ayurveda, an ancient herbal medicine system in India. In many of these massages, heated herbal oil is poured slowly all over the body for pain relief and correcting certain disorders. One can visit such a center which provides this kind of massage . 
  • Exercise based treatment : This one is pretty simple. This technique aims at improving the musculature of the entire back or the whole body to relieve pain. The basic concept is that back pain is due to weaker muscles and that is muscles are stronger and more powerful, they take the loads thus reducing strain on the spine. One can build muscles through a comprehensive muscle building program which involves eating more protein, doing weight training and toning each muscle. Many older men and women resort to this simple yet effective technique to reduce the pain in their back. It also helps to lose weight, become active, gain health and promotes the person to eat more of healhy foods. This continued process over time can really improve the quality of life of a person who is troubled with chronic pain. One can consult a gym trainer or a personal trainer on exercises that can be done to tone and build the back muscles. 
The best form of treatment for lower back pain depends from person to person. But, one can expect to get a lot of relief from pain by the above mentioned techniques. Some of them, like the simple massage and exercise based treatment can be done at home daily to provide relief.