Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Left Shoulder Pain Causes

Left Shoulder Pain Causes. Left shoulder pain can be a sign of a heart disease or an impending heart attack. But, it is not common a symptoms as the other symptoms of heart attack. Still, this fact makes shoulder pain a cause for concern for many people, especially among the middle aged population.

Left shoulder pain causes : 

  • Shoulder joint dysfunction : The major cause of left shoulder pain or as such pain in the right shoulder. The shoulder joint is a very mobile joint and if the muscles that control its motion become weak, then the shoulder joint becomes unstable. This causes pain in the shoulder when one does work with the hands. This kind of instability can be evaluated by a doctor and it can be corrected by exercises. 
  • Heart disease and cardiovascular causes : If a person's body suffers from heart disease, then weaker blood flow to the shoulders may cause pain and weakness. In particular a heart attack may present symptoms like left shoulder pain and sometimes left arm pain. Women generally experience left shoulder pain as a symptoms of heart attack and they should be very cautious if any other symptoms of heart disease are present. 
  • Armpit pain : The pain in shoulder may be referred from the armpit below it. There can be pain in armpits because of retention of sweat leading to infection or swollen lymph nodes. This causes discomfort and pain in armpits during movement. 
  • Spleen pain may be felt in the left shoulder as a referred pain. 
  • Lung disease in the left lung, like pneumonia, bronchitis can easily cause pain to felt in the close by shoulder. Children have weaker immunity and are more prone to these diseases than adult people. 
  • Injury to the muscles of the shoulder causes pain in it. The cause of pain may be rotator cuff injuries, strain of the trapezius muscle or pain in the pectoralis major muscle ( the large muscle of the chest). A muscle injury often shows swelling, tenderness and weakness at the spot of injury. The pain varies with movement and can be very sharp in certain positions. 
  • Lung inflammation causes pain in the shoulder on breathing. Most people complain of sharp and stabbing pain at a particular point of breath, generally at the deepest. 
  • Shingles is a condition which cause pain. That pain is due to nerve disease. This condition often causes skin rashes and pain anywhere in the body. In particular, there may be pain in the neck, shoulder and numbness in these areas. The disease is caused by a virus . 
Left shoulder pain can be caused by any of a number of reasons. Muscle injuries and strain are more easy to identify but if there is pain that depends on breathing or the pain presents itself within symptoms of heart attack, then one should be very cautious. If a person's cholesterol and triglyceride levels are elevated, then it could be due to heart problems. Mild pain instances can be signals of an impending heart attack and therefore they should not be neglected.