Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Knee Pain Running Causes And Relief

Knee pain running is one of the most common injuries that runners suffer from. Actually, running puts incredible forces on our knee. Our locomotion is brilliant but it is subject to wear and tear forces. This can cause pain in the knees. There are mainly two syndromes which cause pain. However, these two are not the only causes of pain in the knees while running. Knees as such as very flexible but subject to many conditions.

Causes of knee pain running : 

  • Iliotibial band syndrome : This condition causes pain at the side of the knee. The side here means the outside of the leg. If these bands get damaged, they may cause sharp pain in the knee. The focal point of pain seems to lie to the side of the knee and slightly above it. Iliotibial band syndrome can cause a tearing pain when you bend the leg. The pain is often worse after you go running downhill or descend stairs. 
  • Patellofemoral pain syndrome or PFPS : This condition causes pain at the kneecap and just above it. This pain is caused by some kind of interaction between the kneecap bone ( patella ) and the upper leg bone ( femur ) where it makes the joint. This pain makes it very difficult to bend the knee. 
However, both above conditions are progressive conditions. They usually do not cause sudden or instantaneous pain, like there was no pain a second before and now there is sharp pain. If a person has instantaneous pain in the knee while running possibly with a popping or snapping sound, then it could be an injury near the knee. 

Sharp knee pain from running causes : 
  • Tear of meniscus : The meniscus are cartilage which protect and support the knee. Due to overexertion or very high forces, then can get torn and cause intense pain. This causes swelling which is generally not seen in other two conditions above. Swelling is usually an indicator of serious injury. 
  • Twisting of the knee : This often happens in sports like football but can also happen during running if you put the step wrong or if there is weakness in the knees. A twisted knee puts immense strain on all the structures of the knee leading to pain. Braces may have to be worn to correct the problem. 
Another cause of knee pain running is the Runner's knee. It does not present as a specific pain in the knee but as distributed pain. Runners usually experience this pain. One should take ample rest and stay away from running for some time. 

What to do for knee pain relief ? Well, one should do basic recuperative steps like taking rest, applying ice and doing mild stretching. Visit a doctor if the pain is sharp or if there is strange sensation of grinding or popping. The knee doesn't seem to be smooth. There can be other cause of knee pain which may be due to some disease but brought on by running, like arthritis. Pain at the back of knee can be due to pinched nerve.