Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Hip Joint Pain Causes And Relief

Hip Joint Pain Causes And Relief. Hip joint pain is a major cause that restricts movement in people. Hip joint pain is seen more in old age and in children of developing age. In old people, hip joint locations may get inflamed with arthritis leading to pain on movement. In children, bones grow and during  this time, if the bones do not grow properly, they may cause pain.

Hip joint pain causes : 

  • Arthritis : It is the leading cause of hip joint pain. This highly inflammatory disease can affect the hip joint and reduce the friction reducing fluid between the joints. Once the friction increases, bones start to cause pain and cranky motion. This creates burning sensation leaving the person in pain and difficulty in moving that joint. 
  • SI joint dysfunction : Sacroiliac joint is the joint between the major bone of the pelvis ( ileum ) and the spine. This seemingly irregular looking joint allows a brilliant motion of the hips. In some cases, this joint can become unstable and lead to pain, particularly in women. Sacroiliac joint normally dysfunctions in one side only, leading to one sided pain. 
  • A hip fracture also causes sharp pain in that region. This sort of fractures are not common near the joint location but can happen in people who suffer from osteoporosis ( loss of bone density ). 
  • Perthes disease : This disease causes pain in hip joint in children. It is a kind of deformity and if it is not treated, then it can lead to further problems. The head of the leg bone ( femur ) starts to loss its bone mass and as a result the hip joint becomes unstable. This condition affects children and particularly boys. The symptoms are pain in the hips, difficulty in movement and groin pain. 
  • Problems by birth : Sometimes, the hip joint is not as it should be. This can happen in some children. If hip joint pain presents without any reason, then x rays can provide clue to the cause of deformity leading to pain. 
  • Bone Cancer at the hip : Bone cancer is rare. It causes deep and agonizing pain in the bone which is affected. 
  • Hip joint pain is common in pregnancy. There are many contributing factors of hip pain in women when they are pregnant. 
How to manage hip joint pain ? It is serious matter and one should be concerned. Hip pain can be relieved with stretching and other exercises but what about joint pain. The other symptoms like pain while sitting, walking, bending etc make it difficult to perform activities. One should visit a doctor and get it checked. Joint pain is usually caused by major disease. 
Hip joint pain relief : 
  • Take rest : The body will take up the work of healing any condition if it can be done by the body itself. In fact, hip joint pain may relieve with rest and taking a healthier diet which has ample concentration of minerals like phosphorus and calcium. A proper balance between these minerals is essential and one can meet a nutritionist to plan out a diet which provides these minerals in the right proportion. Turmeric is a strong anti inflammatory in food which can reduce inflammation and also reduce pain.