Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Chronic Pain Syndrome Definition, Symptoms And Treatment

Chronic pain syndrome is a condition which causes pain without any apparent reason. It is termed as CPC and it affects many people around the globe ( particularly the older people ). It is a cause of major concern as it leads to a number of associated problems all of which contribute to depression in the person who suffers from this kind of pain. In fact, pain, weakness and depression are the triple symptoms of chronic pain syndrome.

Chronic Pain Syndrome is defined as a condition in which a particular pain becomes chronic although there seems to be no concrete reason for pain. There is weaker correlation and set of unrelated symptoms. All of these make it difficult for the doctor to accurately diagnose the condition behind it. As medical science advances, perhaps we may get more clues to the understanding of such kind of pain.

Chronic Pain Syndrome causes major problems like :

  • Pain : It is the major distress caused by this condition. For example, myofascial pain syndrome causes pain in certain locations which is due to muscle tension. It can make movement and activity painful. Connective tissue diseases lead to weakness in the body and pain. It is very difficult to dull the sensation of pain because either the cause of pain is not well known or it may not be possible to treat it. 
  • Weakness : This syndrome leads to weakness. There can be many contributing factors to weakness in the body. The person may have difficulty in performing intensity exercises and may feel weaker and less energetic. All of this can lead to frustration. People who suffer from this condition and still work at a job may feel discomfort. 
  • Dependency : People who are severely affected by chronic pain become dependent on others. If they are not taken good care of, then it becomes a stress for them. Loneliness can compound the mental effects of this condition. 
  • Depression : This is the most dangerous of all effects. The person who suffers from chronic pain syndrome may get depression mostly because the person is frustrated with the chronic pain. This hinders normal activity, well being and quality of life. Depression can lead to further mental diseases like obsessive compulsive disorder and numerous anxiety related disorders. This can seriously compromise the social life of a person. 
Treatment : Chronic Pain syndrome should be tackled with a comprehensive approach and in fact, that is the way most doctors advice their patients. Medical science too is perplexed with these kind of conditions and that there is no definite cure for these things. However, one can get some relief through these techniques. 
  • Alternative pain management techniques : Most people take medication to reduce pain. There are many other treatment methods which may work to reduce the pain and one can try them. Home remedies, herbal remedies, alternative medicine like Ayurveda, traditional medicine of different cultures of the world- like Native American etc are all options that one has. One can also try advanced pain management therapy like electric stimulation of nerves. 
  • Diet Plan : This should be planned to take care of weakness. Diet has immense power and that is what keeps us going. One can visit a nutritionist to get a diet plan which can make you feel more energetic throughout the day. 
  • For depression, one can attend counseling and talk to people who have the same people. Being socially involved takes of some of the pressure off the mind and can put an end to depression.