Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Best Mattress For Back Pain

Best Mattress for back pain. A lot of people suffer from back pain, usually lower back pain. It can be difficult and frustrating to manage back pain. But, one of the things that may be aggravating this pain is the mattress on which we sleep. That is because when we sleep, the body heals the wear and tear and rejuvenates us. If the sleep is not proper, then back pain would grow in intensity and its cause may grow unabated. During the day, we are busy at work and body may not perform complete repair work during day. Therefore, it is important to select the best mattress for sleep.

Choosing the best mattress helps in many ways. It promotes better sleep. Back is kept in the most comfortable and proper position without putting any additional strain on backbone. There are many different types of mattresses. People who suffer from back pain are told by doctors to sleep on a firm bed. But, how firm should the mattress be. These are some tips that can help one select the best mattress for back pain sufferers.

  • Firmness : The mattress should be medium firm. I mean out of all the different kinds of mattresses that are available, the best mattress is the one which is in between the firmest and the softest. But, it should lie more to the firm side if you suffer from back pain. 
  • Downward displacement : The sinking of the mattress should occur only at some locations, mainly below the rib cage and the hips if you are sleeping on the side. A mattress which sinks completely in a concave manner is not ideal. The downward displacement should be less than 1 inch for your weight. If it exceeds this length, then there are chances of spine health issues. 
  • Compatibility : The mattress should be such that it does not undergo permanent deformation. Firm mattresses may seem firm but they are the ones which are subject to permanent deformation. From this point of view, memory foam mattresses are great. 
So, with these three judgement criteria, one should analyse the mattresses while going to the market to select them. Just poking a finger into the mattress may not be sufficient. An innovative idea would be to use a dummy human body to lie on the mattress and see how it responds. Even better would be to lie on it yourself and make sure that it is nice and comfortable. After all, a mattress is what we sleep on and that plays a major role in relieving back pain. One should really take his or her time to select the best possible mattress for back pain. 

There are many types of mattresses depending on the structure and material used. They are Innerspring mattresses ( those that have coils underneath them ), memory foam mattresses ( made of a special material that in one way "remembers" the load ), Airbeds ( those that have enclosed air ) and waterbeds ( those that have water enclosed ). Other types are latex mattresses, futon mattress and many more. When you go to buy one, be sure to check all those out. The best mattress for back pain can be any one of them, one that has been constructed meticulously and there is high quality material inside. Waterbeds however tend to problematic for back pain. Memory foam mattress tend to perform well.