Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Ball Of Foot Pain Causes And Relief

Ball of foot pain is the pain felt in the ball of foot region. This is the area at the sole of foot slightly beneath the toes. It is wide area of the feet which bears weight. The ball of foot plays a major role in walking and running. As we run, during each step body weight is transferred from heel to ball of foot. So, just as the heel may become sore after lengthy running, so can the ball of foot.

Ball of foot pain is most often felt below the metatarsal bone of the big toe. Other symptoms of this condition are swelling, pain in walking and inability to put weight on this area. Person may walk in a different manner such that only the heel and ends of toes touch the ground and the arch is lifted above from the ground which clearly shows that the person is having pain in the base of foot.

Causes of ball of foot pain are:

  • Metatarsalgia : It is a pain in any of the metatarsal bones of the feet. These bones are the ones that lie joined to the toe bones. Metatarsals can pain because of injury and compression fracture. If the foot got injured on the sole side, the pain is severe on that side. So, major cause of ball of foot pain is metatarsalgia. 
  • Wearing high heels is also a major cause of ball of foot pain in women. In fact, it puts the entire skeletal structure of the feet at risk of developing serious pain. High heels force ball of foot to bear all the weight of the body. This force is actually taken by heel and ball of foot both. Wearing high heels regularly puts feet at risk of deformity and pain. Women should wear high heels occasionally and relieve the pressure off their feet by taking good care of them. 
  • Poor fitting shoes and improper soles are also the cause of ball of foot pain, as is the case with other locations of foot pain. So, it is important to wear right fitting shoes while playing sports and when going to work. 
  • Morton's Neuroma is a condition which cause pain and numbness in the toes and ball of foot area. 
  • Diabetes can cause a disease called neuropathy which causes pain in the feet. 
  • High impact injury, as in the case of a fall can cause pain at the ball of foot. Falling on strong surfaces like concrete can cause deep impact in the bones leading to pain. Sports like rugby and football can pose the risk of injuries to the feet, like another player stepping on your feet which is quite painful. 
  • Inflammation of the sesamoid bones at the bottom on the big toe also causes pain. This condition, known as sesamoiditis often troubles horses and people who run for long distances. 
Ball of foot pain relief : 
  • Walking barefoot is a nice exercise for a troubled foot. One should preferably do it inside the house and on grassy surfaces. 
  • Orthopedic support devices for the feet help to relieve pressure and make it more comfortable to run and play sports. These devices are installed in the sole of shoe for better support. 
  • Wear right fitting shoes. It is important to do research on this matter. 
  • Applying turmeric paste to the painful area can reduce swelling and help the bone to heal quickly.