Thursday, June 13, 2013

Appendicitis Pain Location And Symptoms

Appendicitis Pain Location And Symptoms. Appendicitis pain is a sharp pain felt in the belly due to inflammation of the appendix. Most of us know about the appendix. It is a small pouch shaped organ that hangs from the intestine. It is located in the lower right abdomen. If this organ gets inflamed, it causes sharp pain. If it has inflamed severely and may rupture, then there is often excruciating pain in the belly.

The patients should visit the hospital immediately. The surgeons operate on the patient and remove the appendix very quickly. The recovery time is quick and the person is healthy again.

Symptoms of appendicitis.

  • Pain Location : In most people, there is severe pain. It starts around the navel and then usually starts to become more intense. It can then change position and start occurring in the lower right abdomen. In many people, touching the abdomen with firm pressure causes sharpening of the pain. In some cases, the appendix becomes very swollen and doctors may feel it with their fingers. In some people however, the pain is not as sharp. In this case, it is called rumbling appendicitis. The appendix is inflamed but there are much lesser chances of infection. So, people who have rumbling appendicitis are not operated on. 
  • Other symptoms : There are many other conditions which can cause severe right abdominal pain. But, symptoms of appendicitis are different. This can help a person recognize or suspect that it is appendicitis.  Often, there is vomiting and nausea may prevail. 
  • Fever with abdominal pain is a really serious matter. It shows that the pain may be due to appendicitis. 
  • Pain may fluctuate in intensity ( come and go ) and increase with bowel movement, coughing or changing position. 
  • In children, the symptoms may not be very clear. It can occur in children over 5 years of age. Parents should be educated about this condition and that children may be subject to this kind of pain. 
The exact reason of such a condition is still being researched. There are many possible reasons for inflammation of appendix, like intestinal worms, bacteria. Now, there is also research going on to find the true work of the appendix in the body, as it was though to be redundant up until now. Probably its function would provide more information about the cause of inflammation. 

What are the precautions to be taken by the person who is experiencing such pain ? Appendix pain may get worse with movement. One should lie down with the head slightly elevated. Do not eat anything as it might make the pain more severe. Drink water in moderation, that is only to quench the thirst. 

Appendicitis may not be prevented but there is some link that high fiber diet can prevent this condition. In some people, there can be appendix pain even after they have had their appendix removed because of a previous bout of appendix pain. One should call a doctor if there is discomfort or pain in the region after surgery or even years after it. The region close to the appendix may get inflamed again.