Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Advanced Pain Management Techniques

Advanced Pain management techniques are the devices that are used to control and manage pain. Advanced pain management clinics are centers which house their technological devices and tools that are helpful for people who suffer from pain of a particular kind, like sciatic nerve pain. Some of these centers serve as test centers as well where new and radical technologies are tested. If they turn out to be helpful, then they can be sent for approval.

Pain management centers usually have some advanced techniques. Let us see some of these advanced pain management techniques.

  • Neurostimulation : This technique is very old but it is practical. In this method, the pain sensations can be dulled by providing electric current to specific nerves. Neurostimulation has been tested since past few centuries and it is being used for treatment of numerous nerve related diseases like Parkinson's, cluster headaches. These techniques are being advanced for supporting hearing, eyesight and other senses. Magnetic stimulation of brain is also performed to treat epilepsy. One of the very commonly used electric device in the body is the Pacemaker. It is used to induce heartbeats and this shows the power of this technology. 
  •  Shock wave therapy : This therapy utilizes acoustic waves to treat pain caused by tendons, like heel pain and tennis elbow pain. It is also used for breaking kidney stones and gallstones. However, this technique can have negative effects too. Shock wave therapy shows promise in reducing irritating pain due to chronic inflammation of certain tendons. So, it can provide relief from knee pain and elbow pain. 
  • Radiofrequency ablation also known as RFA : This technology is used to hinder a nerve's capability to transmit pain sensation to the brain. It has been used in destruction of tumors of lung, kidneys and liver. This technique involves sending electric current to a particular region to heat it up . This method has been used to treat lower back pain as well. 
  • Trigger Points corresponding to pain sensations in the body can be manipulated to reduce the pain. Trigger points in muscles, tendons etc are injected with anesthetic, which reduces the pain for long periods of time. 
These advanced pain management techniques are devised to reduce pain sensation caused by specific causes. Some of the common conditions that cause chronic pain are targeted by these therapies. Most of them are in growth phase and would witness improvement as time passes by. 

As technology advances, there is hope that new and advanced technology will be used to treat persistent conditions and provide relief from acute and chronic pain.

One can talk to his or her doctor about these techniques, for whom are they suitable and whether or not you should go for it. Doctors can recommend you to certain pain management facility ( there are many of them in the world ). Some are high specialty centers where some of the most advanced technology is being used. People who suffer from conditions which at present have no cure often participate in trials that test new technology for pain relief or treatment. 

There are many centers which offer such treatment. One can contact the facility directly for information on what techniques they perform. These treatments are generally expensive. Some of these therapies are covered by some health insurance companies also.