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Sunday, July 14, 2013

Pain On Left Side Of Stomach Causes And Relief

Pain on left side of stomach area causes and relief. There can be many causes of pain that is localized in the left side of the tummy. The left side of abdomen houses some vital organs like the stomach and other organs like spleen, pancreas and left kidney. If the cause of pain is due to any of these organs, then it is a matter of serious concern. Any trouble to the vital organs of the body can rapidly deteriorate health.

Pain on left side of stomach area causes : 
  • Very sharp and stabbing pain brought on exercise like running on the left side of stomach under the ribs is called a side stitch . This happens to most people and is some sort of a reaction of the human body to exercise.
  • Dull pain in the very left side of the stomach and under the left ribs can be caused by spleen enlargement. This is a serious condition but it rarely causes sharp pain. That is the main problem. Spleen enlargement can be dangerous but it is difficult to guess it because the person may ignore this pain. This kind of often occurs when the bowels are full and pain is relieved after defecation. 
  • Kidney disease : A problem with any kidney usually causes back pain and abdominal pain. Kidney pain is generally a pulsating pain. It may be nothing one moment and pain the next moment. It can cause stiffness in the stomach.
  • Constipation : If the person is unable to empty his or her bowels properly, it leads to pain and stiffness in the abdomen. One should try to get rid of constipation. 
  • Kidney stone : If a kidney stone forms in the left side of the urinary system. The pain is usually intense and pulsating. It occurs in the lower abdominal region. This pain is located close to the hip. 
  • Pancreas inflammation can cause a pain in the left side of the stomach and even in the back. This pain changes its intensity when you change your posture, like bending forward or sitting straight or reclining backwards. 
  • Other causes of stomach pain on the left side can be diverticulitis, ulcerative colitis, colon cancer and other diseases of the colon. 
There can be other causes of stomach pain like gastroenteritis ( an infection of the intestine ), parasites and worms in the intestine, food poisoning etc. In most of these conditions, person suffers from fatigue, dehydration, abdominal cramps and many times diarrhea also. 

What to do for pain on left side of stomach ? 

Relief tips for one sided stomach pain. 
  • Drink warm green tea many times a day ( about 3 times ). This provides relief from cramps. 
  • Drink ginger ale to calm upper intestinal discomfort. 
  • Psyllium husk seeds and guava are helpful in pain coming from the colon. 
  • Drink good amount of water in pain. If there is diarrhea, then do not drink too much water. Instead take electrolytes in the oral rehydration solution. 
  • Massage the location of pain. Try pressing the skin into the body and see the response. Try bending sideways and do some stretching. All of these techniques can be helpful in mild to moderate pain. 
If there is severe pain consult a doctor. Take good care of your health.
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Saturday, July 13, 2013

Sharp Pain In Stomach Causes And Home Remedy

Sharp pain in stomach is a serious matter. When someone faces such a sharp pain in the abdomen, he or she wonders what might be causing that pain. Well, there can be some guesses. The person can make out the real cause of sharp stomach pain using some information. There are some conditions which have characteristic symptoms that help to identify that condition.

Sharp pain in stomach causes and other symptoms : 

  • Sharp pain in stomach after eating : This can be due to a stomach ulcer. The pain is stabbing, almost unbearable. It is felt in the upper abdomen and makes it difficult to eat food again. The pain usually subsides quickly but has an impact on the person. Stomach ulcers can form due to any reason, but the main cause is an organism known as H. pylori.
  • Sharp pain in stomach and back : This condition is care but requires prompt medical care. If there is fever as well, then it could possibly be pancreatitis, an inflammation of the pancreas ( the organ that produces insulin ). Pancreas inflammation is a matter of grave concern. 
  • Sharp pain in stomach at the lower right abdomen : Most people know that it is a symptoms of appendicitis. This condition affects many people once in their lives and these people generally have to go through the standard treatment for this condition - which is surgery. Appendicitis in inflammation of the appendix in the intestine. The aim of treatment is to remove it before it bursts. 
  • Gas pain and acidity : Excessive build up of gas in the intestine and acidity due to stomach acid make the gas acidic. This acidic gas causes sharp pain anywhere in the belly. This pain can be reduced by eating foods that are alkaline in nature, like pumpkin, beet greens, carrots and peppers. Eat carminative foods like asafoetida, cumin and fennel to help the body release gas easily. 
  • Sharp pain with the person drawing his or her knees to the chest. This kind of stomach ache is usually caused by intussusception, a rare condition in which a part of intestine folds into a second part. This creates a pocket and leads to intestinal narrowing. This condition is known to occur more commonly in young boys and girls. 
  • If there is vomiting and severe cramping in the abdomen, then the cause of sharp pain in stomach can be intestinal obstruction. A blockage of the intestine can be caused by numerous reasons and it is a very painful condition. 
Sharp stomach is also caused by ulceration of the large intestine, a condition known as ulcerative colitis. This inflammatory disease affects many people and there are many who are not even aware of it. This condition can lead to frequent pains in the abdomen. 

A home remedy for all sharp stomach pain is this - Lie down in the most comfortable position , drink some ginger ale or chicken broth. Ginger is very good for almost any ailment of the stomach.  
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Pain Under Right Rib Cage : Causes And Symptoms

Pain under right rib cage. The ribs house vital organs like the liver (partially), lungs and heart. If there is pain under the ribs, one should try to find more about the pain, whether it is sharp, dull or aching or tearing. The property of pain can help in quickly diagnosing the cause of pain. In fact, the most common cause of pain under the ribs is pleuritic chest pain , a condition in which a thin membrane over the lungs get inflamed. However, like any other condition, there can be many causes.

Pain under right rib cage causes and symptoms : 

  • Pleuritic chest pain : This pain is generally a sharp, tearing kind of pain in the chest and can occur anywhere. The pain grows with deeper breathing, so the person obviously takes shallow breaths. 
  • Liver Pain : The liver is a very large organ of the body. In fact it takes up a large space in the upper abdomen. Liver pain is generally a vague pain in the upper right abdomen under the right ribs. This pain can be felt at the back near the region between the shoulder blades and even at the shoulders. The person may experience sharper pain on bending forward and standing straight may be relieving. Most of the liver diseases cause such a pain, like hepatitis B, hepatitis C, jaundice and cirrhosis. Diseases like hepatitis are dangerous and it is important that they are detected quickly. In hepatitis, there can be other signs like vomiting and weakness. 
  • Gallbladder attack : An excessive deposition of gallstones in the gallbladder can cause a very sharp pain in the upper abdomen which is also felt below the right ribs, generally at the lowermost region of the ribs .This pain is excruciating and is a medical emergency. The treatment for this condition is surgical removal of the gallbladder. 
  • Lung disease : The ribs house the lungs. Any problem or disease of the lungs can easily show up as pain under the ribs. However, pain due to lung diseases is usually deep felt. 
  • Bruised ribs : This is also a common cause of rib pain. One may not have noticed or paid much attention when the ribs got brushed against some surface and bruised, like in sports. But it can pain a lot later on. 
  • Hernia of the stomach, called hiatal hernia can also cause pain under right ribs. In this condition, the stomach enters above its enclosure and exerts pressure on the diaphragm. The diaphragm is membrane just under the ribs. This affects breathing and pressure on the diaphragm causes pain under the ribs. 
  • Costochondritis : This condition causes pain in the rib cage and makes breathing quite difficult. It is an inflammation of the cartilage which joins the ribs to the spine and chest bone. 
  • Pain in the rib cage after eating is usually a sign of gallbladder disease. If the pain occurs in a broad are of the chest and it is a pain with sharp burning sensation, then it could be heartburn. 
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Lower Right Abdominal Pain Causes In Women And Men

Lower right abdominal pain causes. Pain that persistently occurs in the right side of the abdomen , mainly in the lower region can be caused by many reasons. The visceral comprises of many organs and even a slight problem can manifest as a serious pain.

Lower Right abdominal pain causes in women and men :
  • Appendicitis : It is one of the most common causes of lower right abdominal pain. Appendix is a small pouch like organ which lies in the lower right quadrant of the stomach. If it becomes inflamed, there is sharp pain and extreme difficulty. Appendicitis is experienced by numerous men and women at least once in their lives. The treatment for appendicitis is a surgical removal of the appendix. This is to be done quickly because if the appendix inflames too much and ruptures, then it could be life threatening. If you experience a sharp pain in the lower right abdomen, somewhere towards the hips and other symptoms like fever, vomiting and constipation together or back pain, then it could most probably be appendix pain. One should immediately rush to the hospital. 
  • Gallbladder stones : A gallbladder attack can occur because of the gallstones. The pain due to this condition is usually in the center and upper right abdomen, but when it becomes severe, it can cause pain in the entire abdomen. This is also a medical emergency. 
  • Cecum Pain : This pain is felt in lower right abdomen. Cecum is the initial section of large intestine. If it gets blocked due to intestinal obstruction or infested with intestinal worms, then there is often pain. Cecum pain is usually a confined pain and doesn't radiate outside. It can also cause mild cramping and diarrhea. 
  • Kidney stones : A kidney stone can develop in any part of the urinary system. If it comes up at the right side, then there is often sharp and stabbing pain in the lower right abdomen. There can also be pain in the right side of the back and even sometimes in the groin. 
  • Constipation can be a really chornic cause of abdominal pain. Constipation is caused when the mechanism of stool formation and release is disrupted. At first it is only a discomfort but it can quickly become painful. 
  • Hemorrhoids that are internal can cause pain in the lowermost region of the right side abdomen and in the pelvic region.The pain is generally not sharp but is quite discomforting. The pain is like a dull ache and there can be blood in feces. 
  • Inflammatory diseases of the colon, like Crohn's disease and Colitis can be a major cause of lower right abdominal pain. The pain caused by these diseases depends on which region of the colon is affected. 
Lower right abdominal pain in women can have many more causes due to the differences in the organ systems of male and female bodies. 

What to do for abdominal pain ? Tips to get relief. 
  • Apply a warm moist compress to the abdomen simultaneously massaging the back in a downward motion is a remedy for relieving pain due to conditions like constipation. 
  • Avoid taking foods rich in fiber and rich in fat. Eat foods made from refined flour like pasta, macaroni etc. They are easily digested and would help in diseases like ulcerative colitis. 
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Friday, July 12, 2013

Lower Left Back Pain In Women And Men Causes

Lower left back pain in women and men causes. Many people suffer from lower back pain which is generally caused by excessive stress on the back due to work or exercise. But, persistent pain in the left side of lower back surely indicates some problem. There are not many reasons for lower left back pain but the body is very complicated.

Lower left back pain causes in women and men : 
  • Sciatica : If you have one sided back pain and the pain feels like a burning sensation, pins and needles or chilling sensation, then it could be sciatica. This is a common condition which affects many people. Sciatica is quite painful and is caused by pinching of the sciatic nerve in the spine. It can be relieved through massage and rest. 
  • Arthritis : In many people, arthritis starts out in the spine or the bones of the hip. This can cause left sided back pain. This can be made worse if the body has weaker blood flow to the back to prevent the deterioration of the joint which is being affected by arthritis. It usually causes a grinding pain which makes the person avoid movement .
  • Incorrect leg lengths : In some people, the lengths of the legs may be different even by a slight margin. As the person ages, this slight difference begins to cause pain in the lower back which is predominantly one sided. So, if you have lower left back pain, get the lengths of your legs checked. The treatment for this condition is usually orthotics. 
  • Slipped disc in the lower spine can cause sharp pain in the back. This pain may not alleviate in any way and increase in intensity as time passes. 
  • Kidney stone in the left side : A kidney stone anywhere in the urinary system causes excruciating pain. This pain is felt in the lower left ( or right ) sided back and the flanks going down along the lowermost abdomen. 
  • Viral infection of the nervous system or any other nerve condition, like Multiple Sclerosis and Cauda Equina syndrome. These are complicated syndromes on the nervous system which can affect anybody. General signs of these diseases are a lack of control and strength of the muscles in the lower back, hips, buttocks and pelvic region and inability to hold back urine. If there is infection, there is usually burning sensation and heat in a particular region of the body. 
  • Fibromyalgia can occur in the back and trigger points may form in the connective tissue in the back. This leads to tingling sensation and sharp pain even while walking or turning sides while sleeping. This could also be caused by repeated stress on the back for number of years. 
Lower left back pain treatment : One can visit a doctor for diagnosis and then consult a physical therpaist or chiropractor for spinal manipulation as treatment. If it is due to fibromyalgia, then trigger point therapy may work. 
Spinal manipulation is a brilliant technique which help set minor irregularities in the spine and surrounding structures. This can help with any kind of back pain. 
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Left Side Abdominal Pain In Men And Women

Left side abdominal pain causes. Any pain that is felt predominantly to the left side of the abdomen is usually caused by the organs on the left side of the human body. However, some organs such as liver are so large that they can cause pain anywhere in the abdomen, depending on which part of the organ is affected.

Left side abdominal pain causes : 

  • Diverticulitis : Frequent left side abdominal pain is usually a sign of diverticulitis. There is not much discomfort besides the pain. However, instances of constipation and bowel movement irregularities point towards this condition. Diverticulitis generally occurs only in old age and it causes slow increase in the intensity of pain. 
  • Kidney Stone : People who know the pain of a kidney stone become instantly aware of it when it resurfaces. However, those who are having it for the first time may not be aware that the pain they are experiencing is the pain of a kidney stone. The pain is usually located to only one side of the abdomen ( either left or right ). The pain is felt in lower abdomen near the flanks ( that is extreme left side ). The pain travels down to the groin and into the inner upper thigh. Kidney stones can cause excruciating pain. 
  • Left side abdominal pain with predominant nausea and vomiting may indicate bowel or intestine obstruction in the left side. Any part of the intestine ( large or small ) can get obstructed due to volvulus or blockage of fecal matter. This condition is really painful and vomiting is foul smelling. 
  • Left side abdominal pain just under the ribs and which feels like a cramping sensation can be pain due to spleen. The spleen is small organ located in the left side of the body and it contains blood. Sometimes, it can get infected and increase in size, leading to pain. 
  • Constipation itself can cause pain and this is very common. When the stool is unable to pass from the body easily, it leads to pain and stiffness in the lowermost abdomen and the buttocks. 
  • Left side abdominal pain could be complication in pregnancy. Women who are pregnant and experience such pain should consult the doctor promptly. 
  • Hepatitis : This viral disease of the liver can cause dull continuous pain in the abdomen along with yellowing of the skin and whites of the eye. The skin may slowly take on a yellow tinge. Hepatitis is contagious so the person should take care that it does not spread to other people. 
  • Pain in the left side abdomen only could be because of a pulled muscle due to physical activity, sports or injury. 
Due to the basic differences between male and female organ systems, women are more prone to developing lower abdominal pain than men. In women, there could be many more causes of left side abdominal pain. 

One should also notice other symptoms if there is pain , like notice the color of the whites of the eyes, weight, nausea, vomiting, stool structure ( whether it is smooth or fatty ) etc. All these things help in diagnosis. 
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